Remodeling trends you should jump on board

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well. Today I would like to tell you about some large redecorating trends I have been reading about in my different magazines and on the internet. They are ideas I enjoy thinking about and I hope you will find them interesting too!


The first trend on my list is indoor gardening. This is more than just starting plants to put in an outdoor garden later on. Many people are now putting little growing centers into their houses to grow greens for salads and herbs for cooking. I know this has been possible since grow lights have existed, but now there are lots of little machines like mini fridges that mist trays with water and have lamps inside to keep them growing all the time. So it is much more convenient to grow thing inside your home than it ever has been. I love this idea, because even though I have always had herbs on my window sill and various house plants, this is much less messy and it is more productive to be able to regulate all the conditions inside the grower! Different manufacturers are getting into all sorts of related products as well. For instance, I have seen a new machine from Whirlpool that will turn your compost food scraps into fertilizer inside, overnight, with no smell. So indoor growing is incredibly easy and it’s going to be very popular in cities and very hot, dry places in the west.

The next trend is smart home technology, which started to really take off last year. Now everyone is doing it, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung especially. Oh, and the Google Assistant. I never used to be very excited about it but now that it’s all hooked up to voice command, I definitely understand the appeal and am getting onboard. There are lots of home alarm and camera systems that stream right to your phone, and those Amazon buttons that order things like paper towels when you need more. I also love the idea of being able to turn on the oven with my voice when my hands are covered in dough or something in the kitchen!Even if I do not think I need a smart refrigerator just yet.


Probably my favorite trend is that shiny metal finishes are finally on the way out! I have never liked chrome furnishings, as I find them so gaudy. They are very popular here, but now I have seen that more matte finishes will be common, like a black stainless steel or brushed nickel and bronze. I think these are much more subtle and less obnoxious finishes to have in one’s home.

And last of all, I think I have to mention that Americans will finally be getting the self-cleaning toilets that have been so popular in Japan and South Korea for close to a decade now. They aren’t as much of a “cleaning you” toilet, so there is a long way still to go, but they will clean themselves and stay much more sanitary than anything we have had so far. Now they are coming out from all the big companies, like Toto and Kohler! This is just like tankless water heating, where you finally catch up to the rest of the world!

So these are all exciting things I know I want to take advantage of soon, and I want to know what new things you are eying! So let me know!