Ideas for making your home a happier, healthier place

Hello everybody! Today I am discussing some ideas I have for when you want to make your home happy and healthy (more than it already is, of course)! These are things I have done in my place that have made a big difference to how I feel when I am at home. I got some of my ideas from this article here:


One of the things I had been meaning to do for a long time was to take apart my vent fans and grates in the kitchen and the bathroom. They were completely clogged with dust so they did not do a very good job for smoke or steam. I finally got a screwdriver and took the plates off, and used a vacuum to clean both the panels and inside the ducts, and wow–what a difference it has made! It is much easier to get rid of smells in the kitchen, and I have noticed that the bathroom is much less damp during the day as well. So cleaning out wall and ceiling vents is something that will really help your air!

Another big change I made to my kitchen was to refit one of the large open cabinets with some drawers on rolling tracks that slide in and out after you open the main door. I find that I waste so much space in these big pantry cabinets because most items are not tall, so you either waste space or have too many things stacked so that they are a mess to get into. If you have any wasted cabinet space, I very much recommend adding extra sliding drawers.


I also have made some changes to my plumbing because of the new water requirements here in California. I have never been one to use an excess amount of water but now I have decided it is important to do my part, as much as I can to stop the crisis, so I have moved to very low usage plumbing. I have had mixed experiences with low-flow shower heads in the past, but I discovered a company called High Sierra which makes very good fixtures that only use 1.5 gallons per minute. They are made here in America too, which I like because so many foreign shower heads are not real metal. And I have got a new toilet as well which I love. It uses only one gallon to flush and yet it still does better than my old one.

While I was changing things for efficiency, I decided to change all my light bulbs as well. I had been using all fluorescent light bulbs, but now I have moved to LEDs. I hear they can last for years, and they use even less electricity than fluorescents!


Definitely have a look at that article for more ideas, and let me know what home improvement projects you are up to! Thank you!